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I have lived in Georgia my whole life.  This year it was a very wet winter presenting all sorts of problems.

My greatest hobby is gardening and I take great pride in this.  You get a real sense of accomplishment from seeing those seedlings to grow to enable you to feed those around your table.

This is my garden as it was starting to come up.  If you look closely, you can see the radishes, lettuce and cucumbers as well as the onion sets.  These are all vegetables we all use on a daily basis (or should!).

I am proud of my vegetable garden, and I’m told that I should be.  It is so nice having fresh produce that you were able to grow yourself!

Besides the basic vegetables, can you:

  • grow popcorn in your garden?
  • do you know how to produce bigger, juicier tomatoes?
  • how do you get bigger carrots in your garden?

Here is a picture of some of my flower beds along the top of my deck.  It sure looks beautiful when everything is in bloom.  This is a natural “high” — to know that you can do this and you feel that sense of pride every time you look at these flowers!

  • Do you know what zone you are in for planting flowers that last and grow?
  • Do you know the difference between all the new kinds of flowers, or do you depend on the sales person to tell you and hope they’re honest?

And this is a picture of all my houseplants — my house sometimes looks like a jungle, but what a sense of accomplishment!

And this is not even all of my houseplants!  I have more yet — in fact, too many to put on this page.

My garden has supported more than one family through the years.  I am extremely proud of this and other people are grateful for this!

By signing up for a membership on my site, you will learn all the tips and tricks that I know and have learned after 20 years of home gardening.  Some of these tricks sound so funny, but they work.  You’ll never know until you try them.

Membership is only $10.95 per month.  With a membership you will receive:

  • little-known tips and tricks to grow your own garden
  • we will research new plants and growing conditions together
  • we will do some growing together and see what we come up with
  • an educational newsletter every 2 weeks
  • and much more!

When you think of the sense of accomplishment you get from this and the money you save at the grocery store, you’ll see what a bargain it is!

Currently, I have a very small garden plot in my backyard.  Even though it is small, I was still able to give my daughter some produce that my garden produced!  What an achievement!

My daughter was simply amazed at the tomatoes that small garden produced!  This was accomplished with an inexpensive product from a pet store.  Mix it right into the soil and it never fails — you can never over-fertilize with this product!

I don’t always go with commercial fertilizers (or something bought in a store) — there are products available at your local grocers that provide nitrogen to your soil for next to nothing cost wise.  I mix this one product 1 part hot water to 3 parts cold water and provide lots of nitrogen to my soil.  Trust me when I say it’s inexpensive.

On the before & after page, that picture of that dieffenbachia which I picked up at the junk yard years ago, was extremely healthy before I gave it away.  I had to cut it down at least once a year — when it reaches 8 feet in my house, and I have only 8 foot ceilings in my home, it’s time to cut it down.  The product that can be bought inexpensively at the local grocery store played a big part in this.  I only gave it away because it was so big, and I wanted my living room back!  However, it’s new home is not liked by that plant!  I think we would all agree that this plant looks rather sick now compared to what it was!

Do you want to know about this “miracle product” is?  Remember, it is available at a local grocery store.  To find out, you must sign up for a membership!

The secret to gardening is simple — plant certain plants beside each other — they seem to compliment each other and the whole garden grows better.  The yields are awesome.  It is an age-old concept but little used in this hurry-hurry day and age!

There are a lot of people that think it is easier to go to the local grocery store!  I just don’t agree with that.

I know a secret to growing big pumpkins for the children to have a gigantic jack-o-lantern for Halloween.  Truth be told, I know more than one, but one comes to mind.  My Father-in-Law told me this one, and when I tried it, it worked awesome.  Now, my pumpkins are just gigantic, so gigantic and plentiful that I only grow them about 3 or 4 years.  I get too many pumpkins, and they are big!

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