When Planting Seedlings Do I Need A Special Kind Of Soil?

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There are quite a few differences between the soils on the market today – some are heavier, some are fertilized, some are only for certain types of plants, and still others claim to retain moisture while the seedlings are indoors.

I know that if you use your own garden soil, the soil is extremely heavy and makes the plant pot seem to weigh a ton!

I also know that if you choose to use your garden soil, it must be baked in your oven for a while to heat out any impurities and/or worms that you may have picked up with the soil. This method of heating the dirt in the oven also helps if you have root rot in the soil as we currently do here in Saskatchewan, Canada. Not only that, even after baking your soil, the soil from your garden in that plant pot gets a hard coating on top of it and doesn’t seem to let water penetrate as easily as other soils.

Of all the types of soils out there, which soil provides the best answer?

I usually never purchase fertilized soil – I fertilize my own soil from something sold inexpensively at the grocery store, so there goes fertilized soil.

Since I really don’t care for the theory of baking my soil in my oven, I almost never use that type of soil, unless I’m desperate – so that disposes of that one.

I wonder if you can purchase specialized soil for lettuce for example. I have never seen this product on the market (at least where I live).

So, that takes care of a great many choices and narrows the list to almost nothing.

The type of soil I use is the general potting soil. I understand it is good for anything. It is not fertilized – that’s up to you, which suits me fine.

Even with the specialized soils on the market today, you still have to maintain that soil, so I find the general potting soil is best in all areas.

Also, the general potting soil is not too heavy when moving a plant pot within your home.

I usually don’t pay attention to the tags that certain soils retain moisture due to the fact that every home is different – some have dry air, while other homes may have moist air. That is one type of soil that I totally ignore.

I am fussy about the soils I use in my home – I don’t want plant bugs which can be caused by the wrong type of potting soil, and I want a soil that is not too heavy to enable me to move the container easier, and also, the last consideration, I don’t want to get a hard coating on the top of the soil, thereby retaining some level of water.

Years ago, I used my garden soil for an African violet in my home. I baked the soil, did everything else required, and transplanted this plant into that soil. Within about 2 months, I had a hard coating on the top of the soil. No matter how much I watered that plant, it never did well.

It constantly looked like it was dying – and I finally had to admit defeat and throw it in the garbage. From that day on, I have never used garden soil for any plant in my home again!

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