Choosing The Perfect Backyard Fire Pit

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With the economy continuing to limp along and no real relief in sight, people are looking for more cost effective ways of entertaining themselves – and the spending the night home is becoming more and more of a reality than ever before. And while a lot of people are being forced to stay in our entertain from their homes because of financial reasons or otherwise, they are still looking for a high end solution and a world class experience.

There are a couple of different routes you can go, with everything from a complete and  total remodel and overhaul of your entertaining spaces (which you may or may not have the funds to do) or something simpler, faster, but no less effective – and once you set eyes on some of the outdoor fire pit ideas the choice is all but made up for you.

There has always been a primal reaction from people throughout history to fire – it’s the tool that really allowed us to change the landscape of the world and responsible for our development and modern world. And while we’ve forgotten just how important fire is to us on a conscious level, just the sight of an open flame is enough to bring back deep and personal feelings. Perfect for entertaining a house full of people or just a quite night with you and your loved ones, there are a million and one fire pit ideas that would perfectly suite your needs.

What are the different options available for my new home fire pit, should I decide to go that route?

While you may have an image or a memory associated with a fire pit from your past or maybe even have a fire pit in your home right now that needs an update, you should know that with modern tools, technologies, and techniques the fire pit ideas of today are much different and more upscale than just a couple of bricks or cinderblocks knocked together. Using some of the finest construction materials in the world and comprised from a million and one different schools of thought on design and composition, there is absolutely more than enough fire pit ideas to suit your specific needs. Rustic and more traditional fire pits are still dominating the landscape, but more modern, Apple design inspired solutions are also starting to pop into the marketplace at a pretty rapid rate.

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Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

And while the outdoor fire pit ideas and designs that you’ll have to sift through are varied and numerous, there are also a couple of different options for your to choose from in regards to fuel sources. Most of the solutions on the marketplace are the old word fired ones that many are familiar with, but some people are opting for the cleaner and lower maintenance (not to mention “instant on”) gas solutions. This is a deeply personal choice and will have a bunch of different things you’ll need to consider – the cost of fuel, the impact on the environment, etc – but with a little bit of thought the answer will probably come rushing up to the surface and you’ll know exactly which fire pit ideas to pursue.

Will a new fire pit be able to boost the value of my home dramatically?

There are a couple of schools of thought as to whether the right indoor or outdoor fire pit ideas will boost the value of your home dramatically, but all agree that it will – the difference comes in what kind of compensation you’ll be able to reap. If you are judging the value of your home by home safe, secure, welcome, and relaxing it is, then yes – the right fire pit solution will dramatically boost the value of your home to you.
If you’re big on entertaining and are looking to have the ultimate in outdoor spaces to show off to your guests as well as a secluded spot for you to sit when it’s just you and the people you care most about, then the answer is an overwhelming yes.

The thing that gets a little tricky is finding out whether or not your fire pit ideas can boost the monetary value of your home – that has a million and one different variables that need to come into play, and a lot of them revolve around the person you would be selling the home to. Let’s just put it this way – following through with fire pit ideas has probably never dropped the value of a home dramatically.

This again is a bit of a loaded question, and will depend on variables that are unknowable as of right now. While many of the best outdoor fire pit ideas can be pulled off and built successfully on your own without the assistance of experienced professionals, there are some instances where you’ll want to bring on some fire pit professionals to help you out. These bills can run anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand, all depending on the fire pit ideas you are looking to implement.

I really want a fire pit, but I’m not exactly an interior (or in this case exterior) designer – where can I get outdoor fire pit ideas that would work perfectly in my home?

First off, don’t think you are alone in this line of thinking – you aren’t. The best designers in the world are able to pull off projects that look like they are incredibly simple, but the moment you try to do it on your own you’ll find out quickly we they are able to make so much money. So while you may want to lean on a design professional to help you out with your project at some point, you should at the very least be doing a bit of research online for the best fire pit ideas and solutions out there. Google is a fantastic spot to start the search, but there are also some fire pit and outdoor space specific sites that have some incredible ideas as well!

To get more ideas that can help you choose a great fire pit for your yard, check out this propane fire pit review & buyers guide.